Like dude, where's my car?
Baby, I think I lost my mind. Feels like you crashed into my life. I keep on losing track of time. I'm so messed up, yeah, I'm so messed up.


-Are you together with Laura?

-No, I’m not together with Laura. At least not at the moment…


The Radio Disney Family VIP Birthday concert is on Saturday, November 22 in L.A., featuring performances by Shawn Mendes, Christina Grimmie, R5 and The Vamps! Learn more here!

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Nancy SOHO NY Sweatshirt (Exact Brand)-$32.00

Worn on 10/9/2014 in Argentina 

Worn with her  Fuzzy Beanie. Thanks to R5Updates for the photos of Rydel! Rydel’s sweatshirt isn’t currently available but when one does become available I’ll let you know! Requested by @rydel on instagram!